About Our Products

Log Miner App for Monitoring Splunk Event Patterns. Splunk is a Log Analytics platform. Splunk generates log events based on user or system actions on the platform...
e-Practice AI based Intelligent Assessment system by BDSR for practice concepts and discover learning gaps. Approach:Learning schedules, Intelligent...
DLSearch: A Search Engine to explore key words in the world of Deep Learning. DLSearch – Artificial Knowledge search tool at the hands of savvy to make quick exploration...
Incident Analysis
Incident Analysis: Analyze business Incidents using Natural Language Processing, Classify Incidents by Deep Learning Models, Reduce expensive field services..

How can we help


End-to-end development of innovative analytics solutions exclusively for Big Data business problems

Consulting Services

Offer analytics resources who can help in solution development

Product Offerings

Clustering solution considering expert’s domain knowledge

Our Approach for Data Science Solutions

Phase I

  1. Business Problem Framing to assess whether it is amenable to an analytics solution
  2. Identification of Key Metrics for solution success
  3. Analytics Problem Framing with set of assumptions related to the problem

Phase II

  1. Work effectively on data to help identify potential relationships and refine the business and analytics problem
  2. Identify and Select Methodology for solving the business problem
  3. Identify and build Effective Model structures to help solve the business problem

Phase III

  1. Deployment of model to demonstrate the value of the solution
  2. Model Life Cycle Management to evaluate business benefit of model over time

Our Company


The company is founded by Dr. Raghava Rau Kothapalli (Edelman Laureate) and has a team of experienced data scientists, business analysts that create products and analytics services for large scale real life big data business problems to companies and business partners.



Our vision is to develop data science products that are useful in quickly providing analytical solutions  to many business problems.  Solutions should enable good business impact and benefits to top line as well as bottom line.


We utilize advanced mathematical modelling approaches and technologies in rapid solutions development.